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The success of Blue Gizmo lies in our constant commitment and promise in delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Blue Gizmo was launched in 2001 with our first range of affordable hand-held infrared thermometers. Since then, Blue Gizmo has taken off tremendously among industrial customers and expanded its product range to meet changing demands in the industry. Our belief in providing quality measuring instruments that come with affordable prices is still very much in mind. We also believe in providing quality after-sale services to our customers. Today, Blue Gizmo caters to various industries, such as the Food & Beverage, Chemical, Electronic, Petrochemical, HVAC and Marine & Offshore industry. Our span of business has also stretched across Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Europe. No matter which measuring solutions you need, Blue Gizmo will be able to provide. Approach us now for our professional service.
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