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Velp di Indonesia di wakili oleh PT. SAKA sejak lama dan akan tetap memberikan layanan yang terbaik bagi kebutuhan produk-produk Velp di Indonesia. Velp merupakan produsen alat-alat laboratorium, instrument, dan lain-lain yang dapat digunakan untuk kebutuhan riset, pendidikan, komersial dan lain sebagainya.

VELP Scientifica is a reliable partner for the development of advanced analytical solutions and instruments for laboratories, universities, research centers and companies involved in scientific research. A Leader in the sector of laboratory instruments and scientific instruments, VELP offers four diversified business categories: Stirring Line, Food&Feed Line, Environment Line, Pumps Line.

VELP Scientifica instruments make work easier whilst offering high performance in terms of accuracy and efficiency!

VELP is focused on providing complete analytical solutions for numerous applications, including a comprehensive range of instruments, essential lab equipment and consumables. Our analytical products and solutions meet and even exceed quality specifications and innovate for next generation products and are based on our customers' needs and proven state-of-the-art technologies...Velp Indonesia provides:


VELP Scientifica provides premium quality solutions to labs, research centers and companies for N/Protein Determination (Kjeldahl and Dumas), Solvent Extraction (Soxhlet, Randall), Fiber Extraction (Weende, Van Soest) and other parameters on food, feed and beverages.


VELP Scientifica is at your side with reliable solutions to monitor the environment and contributing to improve the health of natural resources where we live, including COD and BOD Equipment, Flocculators, Incubators and Nitrogen Determination (Kjeldahl and Dumas).


In a constantly evolving scientific world, research is in need of increasingly stricter controls to be carried out with reliable equipment that offers accurate conditions. VELP is devoted to providing solutions for these needs with essential instruments for the analyst: the stirrers.


VELP is focused on providing complete solutions for numerous applications, including a comprehensive range of instruments and essential lab equipment. Our analytical products meet and even exceed quality specifications and are based on customers' needs.

Velp Indonesia will support all your activities with great products, for more information please contact us.

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