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Munktell in Indonesia distributed by PT. SAKA. PT. SAKA is a trusted partner for distribution and delivering Munktell's products in Indonesia Region. The Munktell Group is one of the world’s leading companies in filtration and separation technology. We are based in Falun, Sweden (head office) and have production sites and sales offices in Sweden and Germany. We are proud of the fact that Munktell was founded in 1815, as the first producer ever of filter paper for analytical purposes. Our ambition has always been to provide high qualitative products to reasonable prices. As a supplier, we are very flexible and are able to customize products according to your specific needs. Munktell Indonesia basic product offer consists of four major groups:
  • Filtration and separation technology for laboratory, industrial and environmental market
  • Air filter media
  • Medical filtration technology
  • Archival storage products
The products are marketed under the brand name Munktell and sold throughout a distributor network on a world-wide basis. Munktell has been expanding very rapidly over the last few years and we are looking for new distributors to promote our range. Please contact Munktell Indonesia PT. SAKA for further information about Munktell's products.
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