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Radiometer Analytical develops and manufactures an extensive range of electrochemical systems dedicated for routine testing, research and teaching in the laboratory and on the plant. By supplying instruments, software, sensors and calibration standards Radiometer Analytical masters the complete measuring chain. This means that you, the user, can secure a reliable result at reasonable cost with all-in systems that are easy to use and maintain. The company enjoys a reputation for all-round excellence in the following fields:
- pH, ion and conductivity measurements: complete systems for reliable measurements in the field and in the lab including a wide choice of instruments, sensors and standards.
- Titration: workstations customised to individual applications including titrators, sample changers and dedicated software.
- Voltammetry: all-in systems for electrochemical measurements and analysis including potentiostats, impedance meters, workstations and powerful software, allowing the use of techniques such as voltammetry, amperometry, coulometry, polarography and EIS.
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