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METROHM, Cubis MSU225S Analytical Balance 220gr Metrohm

Prod #MSU225S

Metrohm Indonesia 

Analytical balance is a type of balance designed to measure the volume of mass in the sub-milligram range. Analytical Balance function is to measure the mass of a substance. There is a measuring plate located in a transparent box with a glass door, so it will not be dusty and will not affect the weighing process. In the weighing process with an analytic balance of 220 grams, there are 2 types of calibration processes :

Internal Calibration: Is an analytical balance that does not require additional components. In the calibration process, it only remains to reset the mass volume according to the manual.

External Calibration: Is an analytical balance that requires additional components such as a titration for the calibration process. This calibration process is carried out to see the mass results for other components.

Universal lab balances often have only limited options for adaptation to special workflows in laboratories. Metrohm Indonesia Release Sartorius Cubis MSU225S. Analytical balances this are the first laboratory balances that can be seamlessly integrated into workflows. Analytical balances these can also be adapted to weighing containers and workplace conditions better than any other balance.

Product Overview

  • High-resolution, generously sized, monochrome graphic display
  • Keys that feature positive click action and precise activation of functions
  • Classic key-operated control combined with the widest range of performance features

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