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About Us

About Us

PT. Sumber Aneka Karya Abadi (SAKA) is one of the pioneer in distributing laboratory supplies and instruments in Indonesia.

Founded in Jakarta, Indonesia more than 45 years ago, we have continuously served the Indonesia market with a foundation based on honesty, loyalty, and fairness, which we have extended to our Customers, Principals, and Partners alike.

The products and industries we serve are as diverse as microbiological, environmental, agricultural, clinical and general laboratory supplies. However, our focus remains the same:
To continuously build on our service in supporting our Customers and our Principals.
Our partners will find that we are committed to supporting the products we provided. Our product scope has been carefully selected from many leading brands in the world. Most products have been approved by the leading agencies and, where appropriate, have been tested locally in Indonesia at independent institutions.

As always, our continued improvement depends on your opinion and feedback. We welcome all comments regarding our organization, please tell don’t hesitate to tell us by Clicking here

Principal Brands

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HACH Spectrophotometer, pH, electrochemistry, COD, BOD, TSS
MEMMERT Laboratory Oven, Incubator, Chambers, Oilbath, Waterbath
KERN Analytical balance, Moisture balance, Laboratory Scales
JULABO Laboratory recirculators
VELP Food & Feed Analysis, Stirrer
OPTIKA Microscopes, Refractometers
GFL Distiller, Laboratory Freezer
POLYMETRON Pure Water Analysis
HIRSCHMANN Micropipette
BECKMAN COULTER Particle Size Analysis
HANIL Centrifuge
NABERTHERM Furnace & Oven
KNF Vacuum Pump & diaphragm pump
ELMA Ultrasonic Cleaner
MISCO Digital Refractometers
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Our Office

Jakarta ● Cikarang ● Surabaya ● Semarang ● Medan

We serve the whole of Indonesia via distribution centers in these major cities:2

  • Jakarta
  • Cikarang
  • Surabaya
  • Semarang
  • Medan
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