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HACH ONLINE, Hach pHD sc Online Process pH Sensor - General Purpose pH Sensor

Prod #DPD1P1

Product Overview

Pilihan yang tepat untuk mendapatkan hasil pengukuran pH secara proses online yang lebih akurat.

Spesifikasi :


± 0.02 pH

Cable Connection


Calibration Method

Two point automatic, one point automatic, two point manual, one point manual




35.4 mm


0.03 pH per 24 hours, non-cumulative

Electrode Type

General Purpose

Flow Rate

3 m (10 ft.) per second, maximum


271.3 mm



Operating Temperature Range

Analog Sensor with Digital Gateway: -5 to 105 °C
Digital Sensor: -5 to 70 °C

pH Range

0 to 14 pH

Pressure Range

Maximum 10.7 bar . 6.9 bar for Digital Sensor at 70°C, and 6.9 bar for Analog Sensor at 105°C.


± 0.05 pH


± 0.01 pH

Sensor Cable

10 m (33 ft.) polyurethane, 4-conductor cable with one shield, rated to 105°C (221°F)

Sensor Thread

1" NPT

Storage Conditions

4 - 70°C, 0-95% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Temperature Accuracy

± 0.5 °C

Temperature Compensation

Automatic with NTC 300 Ω thermistor, or manually fixed at a user-entered temperature,
additional selectable temperature correction factors (ammonia, morpholine, or user-defined pH/°C linear slope) available for pure water automatic compensation 0.0 to 50 °C

Temperature Sensor

NTC 300 Ω thermistor for automatic temperature compensation and analyzer temperature readout

Transmission Distance

1000 m (3280 ft.), maximum when used with a termination box.
100 m (328 ft.), maximum


0.7 lbs. (0.316 kg)

Wetted Materials

PEEK® or Ryton® (PVDF), salt bridge of matching material with Kynar® junction, glass process electrode, titanium ground electrode, and Viton® O-ring seals (pH sensor with optional HF-resistant glass process electrode has 316 stainless steel ground electrode, and perfluoroelastomer wetted O-rings; consult factory for other available wetted O-ring materials)