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MEMBRAPURE, Aquinity P10 Ultrapure Water System Membrapure

Prod #114-0071

The Aquinity² P10 ultrapure water system is equipped with a reverse osmosis (RO) cell to produce deionised water directly into an integrated 10l tank.

Aquinity² models produce ultrapure water directly from municipal or potable tap water. In the next step.

Type I grade water is produced with a polisher cartridge.
The Aquinity² P10 model is ideal for laboratories with a limited daily need for ultrapure water.

The New Aquinity2 P10 models produce both ASTM Type 1 and TypeII grade water directly from municipal and potable tap water.

Product Overview

Technical Specifications

Feed Water type potable tap water
Ultra pure water quality ASTM type I
resistivity 18.2 MOhmxcm

<10ppb (Reagent)

<1ppb (Analytical)

dispensing flow rate 1.5 l/min
Bacteria <1 cfu/ml
Particulate >0.2 um less than 1 particulate/ml
pure water quality ASTM type II
conductivity 2 uS/cm
TOC <30ppb
production rate 8 l/h
particulate >0.2 um less than 1 particulate/ml