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MEMMERT, CTC256 Climatic Test Chamber

Prod #CTC256

Cepat, tepat dan hemat energi. Suhu berkisar dari -42°C sampai 190°C (without humidity) dan 10°C sampai 95°C (CTC with humidity). Kelembaban berkisar dari 10% - 98% rh (CTC). Kelembaban dan suhu serta sistem yang cepat, membuat TTC dan CTC cocok untuk tes fungsi, tes penuaan atau tes iklim terhadap komposit, beton, plastik atau komponen elektronik dalam teknologi material, industri otomotif dan dirgantara serta elektronik.

Product Overview


Control of standard components

Temperature 2 Pt100 sensors Class A in 4-wire-circuit, mutually monitoring and taking over the performance at the same temperature value
Humidity humidification by hot steam generator
Humidity 2 x 10 l tanks as condensate collector
Humidity humidity supply with distilled water from 2 x 10 l tank on telescopic slide integrated in chamber, with automatic change-over
Humidity active humidifying and de-humidifying adjustable from 10-98 % rh with digital display of relative humidity - resolution of display 0.5 %, setting accuracy 1 %
Controller Electronic microprocessor temperature controller with auto-diagnostic system
Controller digital display of all set parameters, such as temperature, weekdays, time, humidity, fan speed, programme status and set-up values - language to be chosen via set-up
Timer integrated timer for tempering profiles of up to 40 ramps each, each segment adjustable from 1 min. to 999 hrs.
Timer digital 7-day programme timer with real time clock, precise minute setting


temperature distribution (spatial) +/- 0.5 up to 2K
resolution of display for setpoint values 0.1°C up to 99.9°C, 0.5°C from 100°C and for actual values 0.1°C (LED)
without humidity: from -42°C up to +190°C
with humidity from +10°C up to +95°C

Control technology

Calibration three freely selectable temperature values


Fan high-performance air fan in working chamber
Fan depending on operation status automatic adaption of fan speed resp. manual adjustment from 10 to 100 %


Interface USB-interface incl. Memmert software "Celsius" for programming and documentation
Documentation integrated ring memory as data logger for GLP-conforming long-term documentation of all relevant parameters - 1024 kB
Documentation programme stored in case of power failure
Documentation parallel printer interface (incl. real time clock with date function) for all PCL3-compatible ink jet printers for GLP-conforming documentation
Programming chip-card control incl. 1 MEMoryCard XL with 32 kB storage capacity (max. 40 ramps)


Temperature control mechanical temperature limiter TB, protection class 1 according to DIN 12880 to switch off the heating approx. 10°C above nominal temperature
Temperature control over- and undertemperature monitor TWW, protection class 3.3 or adjustable temperature limiter TWB, protection class 2, adjustable at controller
AutoSAFETY additionally integrated over- and undertemperature protection "ASF", automatically following the setpoint value at a preset tolerance range, alarm in case of over- or undertemperature, heating is switched off in case of overtemperature, compressor in case of undertemperature
Autodiagnostic system integral fault diagnostics for temperature and humidity control
Alarm with visual and acoustic alarm in case of over-/under temperature and underhumidity, open door and empty water tank
Alarm visual and acoustic

Heating concept

high-performance ring heaters with optimised air circulation
door heating to avoid condensation
twin compressor
speed ajdustable condenser fan
chlorine-free refrigerant R404A

Standard equipment

Door fully insulated stainless steel door with double-locking and 4-point adjustment, heated
Housing rear zinc-plated steel
Interior easy-to-clean stainless steel interior, materil 1.4301 (ASTM 304), hermetically welded
Internals 1 stainless steel grid
Installation on lockable castors

Stainless steel interior

Dimensions W x H x D in mm w(A) x h(B) x d(C): 640 x 670 x 597 mm
Volume 256 l

Textured stainless steel casing

w(D) x h(E) x d(F): 898 x 1730 x 1100 mm

Electrical data

400 V, 3 phases, 50/60 Hz / approx. 7000 W

Packing/shipping data

the appliances must be transported upright
Customs tariff number 8419 8998
Country of origin Federal Republic of Germany
WEEE-Reg.-No. DE 66812464
Dimensions approx incl. carton B x H x T: 1020 x 1910 x 1310 mm
Net weight approx. 337 kg
Gross weight carton approx. 463 kg