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METROHM, 913 pH Meter

Prod #913

Metrohm pH Meter 913

Portable two-channel pH measuring instrument for measuring pH/mV and temperature. You will be optimally equipped for measurements in the field with this battery-operated measuring instrument. Metrohm portable is one of the reliable pH meters, same as the Orion brand pH meter. PT SAKA sells Orion pH meter products with specifications that are not inferior to Metrohm pH Meter 913. From Metrohm Indonesia by Saka.

  • Portable pH meter with built-in battery pack and two galvanically isolated pH measuring inputs
  • Analog pH measuring input for Metrohm standard pH electrodes
  • Digital pH measuring input for the intelligent pH electrodes from Metrohm
  • Robust, water-tight and dust-tight housing (IP67) for hard outdoor and laboratory use
  • LCD color display with background illumination for simple legibility of the results
  • USB interface for simple data export to PC or printer
  • Large internal memory (10,000 data sets)
  • Pin-protected User and Expert modes, prevents unwanted parameter changes
  • GLP-compliant printout and data export with User ID and timestamp

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Product Overview

Metrohm pH Meter Specification: 

Dimensions (W/H/D) 208 mm / 92 mm / 34 mm
Display 3.5" color display
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Yes, data with User ID, timestamp, electrode ID
Measuring inputs 2
Measuring mode 1 x pH/U/T analog
1 x pH/U/T digital
Memory size 10,000 measured values, in non-volatile memory
mV accuracy ±0.2 mV
mV range -1,200.0 mV - +1,200.0 mV
mV resolution 0.1 mV
pH accuracy ±0.003 pH
pH calibration points 1 - 5
pH range -13,000 - +20,000
pH resolution 0.001 pH
Power supply Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery 3.7 V; 3,000 mAh
Protection class IP67
Weight 400 g