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VELP, Flocculators JLT 6

Prod # F105A0108


VELP Scientifica has developed a complete line of instruments to support the lab technician working in the environmental sector and for the separation of pollutants in waste-water treatment plants.

Flocculators with multiple stirrers to allow standard conditions to be met during analysis, a basic requirement in order to obtain reliable and repeatable results.

Flocculators, or jar testers, are designed for a range of applications
Testing the efficiency of flocculation or precipitation agents
Leaching test, made on solid wastes to be sent to the dump that uses diluted acetic acid or carbon dioxide-saturated water to detect the presence of toxic heavy metals




Product Overview


Number of Position : 6 paddle

Speed Setting :  10 to 300 RPM

Time Setting : 0 - 999 min / 0 - 99 hours / continous

Dimension : WxHxD : 935 x 347 x 260 mm

Weight : 17 kg

Power supply : 240V / 19W


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