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VELP,Portable Flocculators FP4

Prod #F105A0117

FLOCCULATOR FP4 PORTABLE : FP4 is a portable model, the ideal solution for on-site analysis. It can be powered by a battery or car cigarette lighter. With 4 different positions, it is able to test different samples at the same time at a maximum speed of 200 rpm, whilst the possibility to switch on a central light simplifies the reading. Height adjustment option for the stirring blades during operation and continuously variable speed (if desired) increase its capabilities.

Product Overview


Number of Position : 4 (Portable)
Speed Setting : 20-40-50-100-200 RPM
Time Setting : 0 - 30 min / continous
Dimension : WxHxD : 250 x 320 x 250 mm
Weight : 4.8 kg
Power supply : 240V / 6W


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